Musings: Bookends

This is the first semester that Vanderbilt felt like home. I only left yesterday and I already miss coming home to my suite at the end of the day and sharing stories of our days.

This past week has been crazy. Two papers turned in, my first time putting things into storage by myself, and a ton of good news. If I've learned anything this semester, it's that God is gracious. Living with five people makes your shortcomings more apparent than you would like, but it makes their persistent love for you that much sweeter. And God's grace is sweeter still. 

This week alone I accepted two internship positions for the summer and for next fall. The way God shaped these opportunities is awesome, in the literal sense of the word. I no longer have to worry about being stressed in Spain, trying to pull plans together. He did it all.

Right now, I'm numb. I'm listening to Rivers and Roads by the Head and the Heart, trying to understand the fact that I won't go back to Vanderbilt next semester, trying to remind myself what it's like to have nothing to do for a month. 

These words are un poco torpe, as we would say in my literary translation Spanish class, but it's where I'm at. Thank you for sticking by me this semester. I feel some adventuring on the horizon.

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  1. You're going to Spain?! Enjoy, my Spanish side of the family is from Oviedo y Santander. My other half is Nicaraguan! Disfrutalo :)


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