Vimbly presents: How Taylor got her Groove Back

I used to be a dancer. I started later than most, sixth grade through high school. Dance was something I planned to keep up with in some sense through high school, but it never happened. A few months ago, a representative from Vimbly approached me about their website. Vimbly has all kinds of activities for you to chose from in your city. I was of course drawn to the dance classes. But it's worth sharing that their offering ranges from dance to cooking classes to flying classes. You choose a date and a time for your activity of choice and just show up to your event!

I chose a jazz class in the city. They had my name at the door through Vimbly and I was good to go. The feeling of dancing for an hour an a half was amazing. I can't wait to check back in with Vimbly when I'm home for the summer. My friends and I are always looking for something different and exciting to do. Vimbly makes it so easy! Have you tried Vimbly in your city? Tell me about it in the comments!

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