Senior Year in Six Words

I am a senior in college. At first, those words were scary to say. Now they're a bit more familiar.  I'm starting to like how they sound.

It's been eight months since I've seen this place. Eight months since I've hugged my friends. These past few days have been a blur of God showing me that I am loved much. I'm thankful.

This will be the last year that all of my friends are in one city, on one campus. I surely won't waste it. Here are my senior year goals in six simple words:

1. Seek God

2. Slow down

3. Show love

Taylor Bryant; College Senior; back to school; goals
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I hope you'll join me in figuring out what living these goals looks like!

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  1. Hi Taylor! It's Kelley from the BLM group. I have to say your goals are the best goals anyone could have for their senior year. When I was a senior in college seeking God saved me and allowed me to complete your last two goals! Many blessing and much success to you in your senior year!

    With Love,

    1. Thanks, Kelley! It was so sweet of you to stop by!


Thanks for making my day a little brighter with your lovely words!