Swerve: Back in Business and Better than Ever

Taylor Bryant; entrepreneur; lifestyle blogger; nashville; chicago; digital marketer
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Summer is generally my time of renewal. In the past, I referred to summer as the season where I am myself. That wasn't the case for most of this summer. Working a full-time internship, commuting for at least two hours each way, and juggling freelance jobs made for an exhausting fourteen weeks.

Through it all, I was trying to ideate a business. It's been a dream to be an entrepreneur. I came up with a concept that I spent the summer tweaking, demolishing, and completely reworking. My passions and a business failed to line up, no matter what I did.

Something changed this week. I realized that these skills I took for granted were valuable and that I was passionate about living into them.

Words flow out of my fingers incessantly. I'm always editing down my sentences, making sure they are saying just enough. Talking to entrepreneurs switches my brain into strategy mode. These people are living their dreams and I immediately want them to be successful at it. I tend to give entrepreneurs a few tips just because I believe in dreamers. My friends come to me for advice in the job search. Every well-worded email counts, right?

 I'm not starting a business so much as sharing myself. This website was a chance for me to define and organize that work that I already love doing.Visit my new website to learn more about how we can work together.

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  1. Wow Taylor, I am so happy for you and your website is awesome!

  2. How exciting!! :)



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