Forever Young: Skincare with SOBO

My mom has taught me many things: how to speak my mind with with grace, how to find a bargain, and how to take care of my skin.

Skin care is another habit that I'm working on this year. I bought better facial lotion with stronger SPF. I force myself to wash my face, no matter how tired I am. The whole moisturize at night thing has not caught on quite yet.

That's why I was eager to test out the Ultra Age-Repairing Cream from SOBO Skincare. My skin was at a low-point between the changing of seasons and a cold. My skin felt thirsty for something natural. SOBO fit the bill.

They're an indie skin care company that creates products that are natural, wholesome, honest, and effective. They stay away from sulfates, dyes, and fragrances. Instead, they fill their products with natural ingredients--think jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil. SOBO even avoids excess packaging that creates unnecessary waste. They're my kind of brand

I tested the Ultra Age-Repairing Cream and found it to be truly moisturizing. The cream is thick. It doesn't take very much to cover your face and neck. When first applied, it appeared a tad oily. However, the moisturizer was quickly absorbed. My skin feels hydrated and soft. 

I'm really with SOBO's products, which is great because I love their brand philosophy. At $64, the cream is a bit pricey for my current season of life. I think I'd stick with my normal moisturizer with SPF for the daytime and use SOBO's cream for nights and dryer seasons.

They've got a natural face wash that is next on my list to try. If you've tried any SOBO products-- like their youth serum, their eye serum, or their moisturizer-- I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Y'all can enjoy 25% off of your purchase with SOBO as readers of my blog. Just use the code TRYSOBO .

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