As I look at my life this semester, a major theme has been the idea of asking. I've learned that I like to ask blunt questions (something my parents realized by a long time ago.) On ASB, I heard people's life stories. I asked direct questions. I learned a ton. That attitude of asking, and learning, has not left me since spring break. I came back from break and I listened to this TED talk about a musician who doesn't charge for her music, she asks people to pay what they like.  She asks her fans for places to stay. She loves her life. And then I listened to this portion of a This American Life podcast. Starlee Kine proposes that we replace small talk with "the Rundown", conversations where you ask the questions that you actually want to know. I plan on continuing in my path of asking questions. I encourage you to start asking.

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P.S. This was the first Instagram photo I ever took! I was on a hike with my parents at Radnor.

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