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It is (almost) officially summer for me! There's a small matter of a Spanish final paper due Tuesday, but I'll be headed home on Sunday. This summer, more than ever, is going to be a summer of adventure. Here's what I (and you!) have to look forward to:

-Two weeks in California for a mini-internship

-Summertime in Chicago

-Adobe Creative Suite (so many possibilities!)

-Free time

-Possibly studying for the GRE, in the off chance I decide to do more school...

-More outfit posts since I'll have people to help me take pictures

- A month in South Africa!!!

I could not be more excited for all the adventuring God has in store for me this summer. Do you have any exciting plans?

Also, I've just started a Facebook page for Live and Move. Give it a like and follow along!

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  1. Wow you have such an amazing Summer ahead of you!! That's so fantastic. And Africa? Seriously? How incredible:)


  2. Wow! your summer is gonna be s much fun! Cant wait for all those amazing posts

  3. [...] was my only week of summer in that stereotypical, lay around and do nothing sense. Next week, the adventuring begins! The first thing we did when I got home last weekend was purge my room. When you go a year [...]

  4. Hi! I came here via the link-up at Kiki's! Wow, a month in South Africa sounds like quite the way to spend a summer! I've never even left US soil (unless like 30 minutes at Niagra Falls counts? Didn't think so). Hope your summer is going well and you're getting all these things accomplished!

  5. totally jealous u get a month in SA!!! sounds amazing!!

    wonderful blog you have :)

  6. Thanks Victoria! I hope to enjoy it to the fullest!

  7. Thanks Kellie! I can't wait to share more about the trip. I hope your summer goes well too!

  8. Oh, you're too sweet! Thanks for hosting the link up.

  9. Thanks for having me in the link up. This summer has been the biggest traveling summer of my life!


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