High Five for Friday: Exhaustion

The busyness of this week leaves me feeling the most tired I have in a while and possibly the most sleep deprived I've been since being in college. But Friday is still one of the best days, so I'll take the opportunity to tell you why.

1. One of my classmates told me about The Skimm a couple of weeks ago when my Public Policy class was talking about Syria.Every morning I get a short email with the highlights from the news and a simple explanation. I feel so much more informed about the world.  All thanks to this little email.

2. I rediscovered one of my favorite 8tracks playlists and rekindled my love for this song.

3. As mentioned earlier, this week was the craziest week academically and non-acadmically. I decided to make Psalm 71:14 my theme verse. God was faithful in showing me all the reasons I had to praise Him increasingly.

4. Discovered this print from fellow blogger, Reva. With some of my favorite Mumford lyrics, this is on my "want" list.

5. Oh the joys of long distance relationship. This pin gets it.

What shaped this week for you?

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  1. that quote, the long distance one? that is deployment. whew. thanks for sharing! the skimm sounds REALLY useful for me, and i am going to check it out. AND. i just discovered mumford and sons by one song of theirs that i love (i will wait). i think i might like them!

  2. This week has been jam-packed with sitting down with my journal, letting the words flow onto the screen - accompanied by candlelight, delicious homemade cookin', late night chats and giggles with my husband, a desire for connection, and remembering to take the time to slow down and just breeeeeeeeeathe. (Amazing what just 10 minutes of conscious deep breaths can do for the soul, I tell ya!)

  3. Good to know about the Skimm, checking it out right now! thanks for sharing. my week would be about being alone lol. my hubby is gone on a business trip and i'm left talking to my cat and dog aha they're quite a great company though! have a great weekend sweetie

  4. Thanks for the shout out Taylor! That Psalm you mentioned was definitely added to my list of 'make this'!

  5. Thanks for the tip about the Skimm! I need that so much, I'm headed over to sign up right now!


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