Summer Snapshots: Tzaneen

Tzaneen was the most rural area I lived in during my trip. I spent four days working at a factory that dried bananas. South Africa has 25% unemployment, last I checked. This factory is a government sponsored project to create jobs. Factory work made me more aware of where my food comes from. I also got to learn more about tribal and racial relations in South Africa. Tzaneen is also gorgeous. The fruit is cheap because it's grown right there. In certain places, little monkeys come out and steal the fruit. I loved my time there and I'm thankful I got to experience a locale that's off the beaten path for  Americans.

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  1. Oh my! this is really so beautiful!!

  2. So beautiful! Wow! what I would give to A) visit there B) eat that amazingly fresh, locally grown fruit and C) see monkeys come and steal some of the fruit! That would be a sight! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Kristyn @ Milk + CrownSeptember 8, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    what a unique little trip! that last picture is crazy haha! there's nothing like eating natural, fresh fruit :) i always love seeing photos from your time there.


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