Seeking Ubuntu Link-Up: Just Say No

Welcome to the first Seeking Ubuntu link up! It's a space to share your thoughts on community in every sense of the word. (We'll see how much of a link up it turns out to be.) I hope you add a post of your own.

Anyways, I wanted to talk about saying no which seems weird for a link up about community. Why would you ever say no to spending time with people? Well, full-disclosure, I get really stressed out when I'm PMSing. I feel acutely all of the tasks that are on my shoulders and it feels physically hard to breath. This weekend, I had to learn to say no to things that were fun simply because I knew I couldn't enjoy the experience and wouldn't be an enjoyable person to be around if I went. I said no and it felt like I was doing something wrong. Friend, it's not wrong. I have written on my calendar, "You can do anything but not everything." And I believe it. Investing your time wisely means being intentional about when to seek out community and when to rest. Both are important!

I hope you'll link up or invite a friend. Even if no one joins me, you'll find me here every other Tuesday! (Also, don't forget to enter The Tiny Bee giveaway!)

Live and Move

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