At the beach, in Asturias. I loved the colors.
I was speaking with my grandma about going to Spain yesterday, describing how I'm excited and nervous and expectant and scared. She replied by telling me that life is about that mixture of emotions. When you think about it it, you're never experiencing only one feeling. There are undertones at play in any instance.

All of this is to say that today I leave for Spain. I'll be there for four months. This will be my space to talk about it and whatever else catches my fancy. Today, I feel expectant with undertones of nervousness. I announced the launch of End Quote Studio this week, which will still be up and running while I'm gone. My dear friend already arrived in Spain and I am so thankful to have her meeting me at the airport. Next Monday, I'll be traveling to Toledo. There will be trips across Europe. And behind all this, I'm expectantly awaiting my last college summer.

Spain, I'm coming for you, and que será, será.

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  1. Enjoy your time in Spain! I look forward to reading about your time in Spain on here!
    Brie @

  2. Enjoy Spain! Also, I'd love to know if the 4 languages ever become a real issue while in Spain.

  3. Oh spain! How exciting! :) Hope you have fun!

  4. Spain sounds fun.... I am head over heels with the pictures from that enchanting place! Have fun Taylor! :)


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