Mirando: Aquí and Ahora

Hard to believe it's already been two weeks in Madrid. If you've been following on Instagram, you've already seen pictures from my visits to the vast majority of Madrid's museums. There have also been trips to the Rastro, a giant flea market, and a couple of walking tours.

Originally, doing touristy things felt cliche. Now I appreciate it. I know more than I thought I would about the history of Madrid. My new goal is to do touristy activities without acting like a complete tourist. I'm finding the balance of taking pictures and just letting the moment happen. After drinks with some friends of my friend, I stumbled upon a shop and ended up buying a pin that says "Aqui and Ahora" (here and now).

That's my goal right now, to be here in Madrid. I'm humbled by how much I need to learn, excited by how much I have yet to do, and thankful for the way that my concept of home has expanded.

The oldest restaurant in the world

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  1. Looks like you are having so much fun!! I am loving the pictures - I have always wanted to go to Madrid, it's cool getting to see it through someone's experience.

  2. You definitely should put it on your list! It's the best :)


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