And so it continues: Has been a year already?

How fortuitous, I knew my blogiversary was imminent and I happened to check for the exact date just in time. One year of blogging.

From the lovely women at The Wedding Chicks

In this year I have...

-made friends, actual friends who encourage me by their writing

-switched from Wordpress to Blogger

-started a business and then another

-learned Photoshop and Illustrator

-joined various blogger networks

-developed a writing style

-processed some major life events through writing posts

-become a sponsored blogger

-marketed my blog experience to gain employment

-gained readers who remind me about the value of community

Thank you. I'm humbled to be able to write thoughts and have people interact with them. It's been a great year.  I've got a few ideas about where this blog is headed. I hope you'll stick with me for the next go round.

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