Getting There: Your Freelance Manifesto

The thing about growing up is that you have to work for other people. And the thing about freelancing, is that you have an increased amount of freedom (no pun intended) over who you work for.

I've been freelancing for less than a month now. Though I never explicitly set out rules for what types of projects I would and would not do, I only applied for positions that aligned with my morals.

Just yesterday, I was offered a project that did not seem to match up with my personal values. What was a girl to do? Well, I chose to say no, thank you to that particular project. And I felt good about that decision.

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The story ends well. The whole thing was a misunderstanding, and the client really valued the fact that I stuck to my guns. The situation helped me conclude that as a freelancer, or as a person in any industry really, it's really important to set your standards. It's even better to write them out.

My roommate is a renaissance woman. She's a novelist, screenwriter, composer, and producer. She is the person who originally introduced me to this concept (back when I thought it didn't apply to me). Julia has a list of things she will and will not do in the entertainment industry, and she sticks to it.

We may have to pass on a few seemingly amazing opportunities, but all of the exposure in the world can't replace our artistic, and personal, integrity.

Do you have a manifesto of sorts? I would love to know what's on it, if you don't mind sharing.

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