If I'm Being Honest

If I'm being honest, I've avoided the space for a number of reasons: a broken keyboard, end of semester craziness, and most recently, a lack of purpose. I started this blog after reading blogs regularly. It was a chance to be creative. Somewhere along the way, creativity turned into worrying about readership and numbers and why I could never quite "make it" in the blog world.

So I took a hiatus. I was actually considering ending Live and Move altogether. Then last night happened. It was a tear drops staining my laptop kind of night. And my response? I wrote. I let myself be creative and poetic without any outside pressure. Once again, writing brought me pleasure.

I don't know what Live and Move will be in the future. It may last another week. Maybe it has years left in it. But it will reflect me. I'm the girl who craves deep conversations and authenticity, the girl who hates being told what to do, the girl who obverses, who wonders, who barely edits her blog posts, the girl who sometimes needs to write just to be okay.

I'm glad we can be formally introduced. These are my thoughts.

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