Oh, 2013. You were full and vibrant, painful and beautiful. This year I started Live and Move. I went to South Africa. I explored. I saw more of my flaws than I'd like. I dreamt. For me, the intricacies of 2013 can only be explained by a God who loves me deeply, despite my blemishes.
Some highlights of 2013 as told by my Instagram

As 2014 draws ever nearer, I have a few goals. I love fresh starts, and make new objectives for myself whenever it seems fit. That being said, these are not resolutions. They're free to change as I change over the course of the year.

1. Work on being fulfilled and defined by Christ. 1 Corinthians 1:31 has been reverberating in my mind "Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord." 2014 will involve exploring the manifestations of that verse in my life.

2. Find my voice. I have so enjoyed writing here at Live and Move. However, I feel that this space lacks direction. This is a place for me to test and create. Expect that in the coming year.

3. Unplug. Much of the time, social media makes me unhappy. I want to limit my time online, making the time I do spend on the Internet as edifying as possible.

4. Create. I'm a dabbler. 2014 means finding new ways to create. Maybe this year, one with resonate with me.

5. Invest. This year brought with it the blessing of powerful one on one conversations. There's a year and a half left of college. I want to cultivate these relationships.

6. Explore. Did I mention the fact that I'm spending four months in Europe, or the fact that there's a roadtrip on the books for this summer? I can't wait!

If I haven't told you already, my relationship with my readers and the friendships that have developed because of the blog are one of the most cherished parts of 2013.  Thank you for sticking with me. I'm excited to walk through 2014 with you.

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Vimbly presents: How Taylor got her Groove Back

I used to be a dancer. I started later than most, sixth grade through high school. Dance was something I planned to keep up with in some sense through high school, but it never happened. A few months ago, a representative from Vimbly approached me about their website. Vimbly has all kinds of activities for you to chose from in your city. I was of course drawn to the dance classes. But it's worth sharing that their offering ranges from dance to cooking classes to flying classes. You choose a date and a time for your activity of choice and just show up to your event!

I chose a jazz class in the city. They had my name at the door through Vimbly and I was good to go. The feeling of dancing for an hour an a half was amazing. I can't wait to check back in with Vimbly when I'm home for the summer. My friends and I are always looking for something different and exciting to do. Vimbly makes it so easy! Have you tried Vimbly in your city? Tell me about it in the comments!

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A Very Merry Stop Motion Christmas!

I've always wanted to try a stop-motion video. This Christmas, my boyfriend, his cousin, and I spent part of a night working on this. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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Musings: Bookends

This is the first semester that Vanderbilt felt like home. I only left yesterday and I already miss coming home to my suite at the end of the day and sharing stories of our days.

This past week has been crazy. Two papers turned in, my first time putting things into storage by myself, and a ton of good news. If I've learned anything this semester, it's that God is gracious. Living with five people makes your shortcomings more apparent than you would like, but it makes their persistent love for you that much sweeter. And God's grace is sweeter still. 

This week alone I accepted two internship positions for the summer and for next fall. The way God shaped these opportunities is awesome, in the literal sense of the word. I no longer have to worry about being stressed in Spain, trying to pull plans together. He did it all.

Right now, I'm numb. I'm listening to Rivers and Roads by the Head and the Heart, trying to understand the fact that I won't go back to Vanderbilt next semester, trying to remind myself what it's like to have nothing to do for a month. 

These words are un poco torpe, as we would say in my literary translation Spanish class, but it's where I'm at. Thank you for sticking by me this semester. I feel some adventuring on the horizon.

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P.S. Have you entered the Trinkets by Diana giveaway? Go!

Giveaway: Trinkets by Dana

It's final season and the Christmas season. I think we could all use a little pick me up. That's why I'm excited to partner with Trinkets by Dana to giveaway two lovely pairs of earrings! The giveaway will continue until next Sunday at midnight. Enter below, and tell a friend! Spread a little Christmas cheer.

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My Gatsby 21st with Studio Gear Cosmetics

Last night I celebrated my 21st birthday with a Gatsby themed party. We had a lot of fun making our little suite look just a bit swankier.

I love taking any opportunity to dress up and thought this would be a great opportunity to test out the Studio Gear Cosmetics Smokey Eye Palette that Brandbacker so graciously provided me with.  I know how to do a smokey eye, but the instructions helped me get my best smokey eye yet. I had never used anything as dark as the coal color but I ended up loving it. I added my own warmer toned eyeshadow to give my eyes a pop that better suited my skin tone. Overall, I love this kit. I think we'll have some good times together. If you like the look, use the code SGHOLIDAY for 10% off of your purchase!

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Aveeno. Naturally. Contest

Hi friends,

This contest couldn't have come at a better time. Winter makes all of me just a little bit drier and I've been in the market for a new cleanser to take with me to Spain. The Her Campus Bloggers Network treated me to a Walgreens gift card that would help me enter the contest I'm about to tell you about.

Love the size of the moisturizing lotion. I can take it anywhere!

Between now and Monday you can head on over to Walgreens and pick up two Aveeno products.
Take a picture and upload it here. The first 250 entrants get a free Fit Bit. The next 500 entrants get a $5 Walgreens gift card. Everyone gets soft skin!

I'm gunning for the Fit Bit so that I can stay in relatively good shape while I'm enjoying the Spanish cuisine. Go ahead and enter. What do you have to lose?

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What Could Be Better than A Girls Day Out in Chicago?

I have one week left of this semester. My life is a whirlwind of final presentations, final papers, work for my fellowship, packing, and enjoying my last moments with friends. Needless to say, I am beyond ready for a break. Thankfully, the Chicago Blogger Network gave me an event to look forward to and I am excited to be able to share it with you!

On Sunday, December 15th from 12-5, you'll find me at Sassy City Chicks at the Doubletree Hotel downtown. It's a shopping event that includes complimentary cocktails and even some mini-spa treatments. The best part is that with the code LIVEANDMOVE you can join in on the fun... for free. Thirty of my readers get free VIP passes. Sweet, right?

So enjoy a free girls day out and let a friend know too. See ya there!

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