Little Truths: Not by Might

It's been all of two days meditating on this verse, and oh, what a difference is there in me.

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A New Thing

I didn't plan it this way, a fresh look for the blog just as God is doing something fresh in me.

When I started this blog, the title Live and Move came to me pretty quickly. Acts 17:28 was a verse that was important to me at the time. My original concept for this blogged involved me being a lifestyle blogger, encouraging creativity in me and in my readers.

I mentioned in a recent post that the original concept wasn't my idea of successful. Blogging felt like an obligation and a constant striving to "make it."

 And that's where God stepped in. It's a long story that includes scratched cars, Instagram, and a brand new journal. Suffice it to say: I've toyed with writing mostly about my faith on the blog for a while. I didn't for a number of reasons-- not feeling worthy, being afraid to talk about my faith boldly in a space that my friends and family read, and just plain laziness. Those days are over. When your cup overflows, you just have to share it with friends.

Live and Move is still a lifestyle blog. My idea of what lifestyle means has just changed. Posts will still come as the ideas do. I plan to write vulnerably about the things that matter to me. I'm praying that these internet acts of boldness will help me to live fearlessly in the everyday.

I'm learning to bloom where I'm planted, and Live and Move is my little garden plot. We'll see how it blossoms.

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P.S. How great does this new space look? I can't recommend Catherine Grace highly enough!