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2014 has inadvertently become the year of the natural beauty regimen in my life. Using oils in my hair turned into making my own lotion which turned into using the oil cleansing method to clean my skin. Natural and homemade beauty products are the bee's knees. Why, might you ask?

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1. You can make the products to fit you

I added cinnamon and vanilla to my shea butter lotion. It gives me this subtly warm and inviting smell that is quickly becoming my signature scent.

2. No chemicals

This is self-explanatory, but there are a ton of chemicals in the beauty products that we use. They're harsh on the environment, your skin, and your wallet.

3. Feel luxurious... on a budget

Making homemade beauty products is cost effective, but the experience feels like you treated yourself to a $500 bottle of lotion. Love. it.

If you're curious, here's the recipe for the shea butter lotion that I use and here's Hey Fran Hey's tutorial on the oil cleansing method.

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  1. what kind of oil do you use for oil cleansing? my skin is crazy dry and i did the oil cleansing method for awhile--i used olive oil, and it worked beautifully! but after a few weeks of lovely skin, i started getting horrible breakouts in places that i never had issues with before, and they didn't go away until i stopped with the oil. :(

    i'll watch the linked tutorial as soon as i don't have a sleeping baby in my lap! ;)


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