Confessions of a Chronic Entrepreneur: Part Two

A few days ago, I posted the quote. "Do it with passion or not at all." I always thought that quote was intended to be an encouragement to do everything with passion. It's not; it's telling us to make choices, hard ones, and to ask ourselves, "Can I do this with passion?"

It's tough. After getting my group fitness certification, I immediately wanted to dive into a health coach certification. But the answer to "Can I do this with passion?" was no. For a person who is used to saying yes to as many opportunities as possible, this new mindset is taking some getting used to.
I wrote my first Confessions of a Chronic Entrepreneur post back in April and declared that I would be patient. Eight months later, I'm still taking baby steps toward action. This intentionality has given me time to build something I'm passionate about and time to ask, "Am I doing this with passion?"

So far the answer continues to be yes and as long as that yes stays constant, something new will be coming on March 4, 2015.

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  1. Finding passion for work is necessary - I don't like being practical. I am struggling to find my "path" because I can't find a job but that's because I won't settle unless I am passionate about it.


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