Client Spotlight: Academic Studies Abroad

I had a bout of productivity at the end of my summer and created a professional website. I thought about the things I was good at and the things that I enjoyed and found that I love to write and I love to empower others to pursue their dreams. So I put my areas of expertise as content marketing, social media marketing, blogger outreach and brand strategy.

And I waited. For a while, my website was just a pretty landing page. Then I got an email from Lee at Academic Studies Abroad. His business sends students on study abroad adventures around the world and he wanted me to run his social media. 

Academic Studies Abroad is an ideal client. Studying abroad was one of the highlights of my college career, and now I get to create engaging content about travel and adventure. 

My hope is that one day I can build a career out of encouraging and developing entrepreneurs. Until then, I'll happily work with clients on the side.

What steps are you taking towards your dreams?

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