Mirando: Maintaining Friendships While Abroad

I have always been good at goodbyes. Some of my closest friendships are the kind that pick up where we left off, no matter how long it's been since our last conversation. That's what I expected when I went abroad.

However, that pattern is changing, maybe because I've changed. I feel just as close, if not closer to my friends now. It has everything to do with pursuit.

One of my favorite parts of my relationship with my boyfriend is his pursuit of me. It's the surprise texts and flowers and "I'm thinking of you" songs that he sends. I'm noticing that these same ideas are expanding into my friendships, with wonderful results.

I thought I'd take today to share a bit of what's worked for me:

Postcards: Before I left, I sent postcards to many of my friends. It opened up the lines of communication and reminded them that I still care.

Facebook: Praise God for Facebook! This is my space to having running conversations with my friends. It's also my site of choice for sharing "remember when" songs and memes.

iMessage: I don't use it as much as I use Facebook. It's more of a backup that I use with people who aren't on Facebook.

Skype: This is key! I've never liked Skype much, so often it makes me miss the other person more. Now, the craving to relate to people who really know me gives me the incentive to have Skype dates once or twice a month. The feeling of being understood and known after I Skype is one of the most precious gifts.

Overall, being abroad has grown my friendships and grown me as a friend. I hope this is a precursor to a lifetime of pursuit.

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  1. Postcards are the best!! I always love the pleasant surprise of something in my mailbox :) Thank you for sharing!


  2. I completely agree - Skype was a life-saver when I went abroad. It makes you miss physically being around people, but it makes it so easy to stay in touch and feel connected with people when you're far away.


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