Mirando: Valencia

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I spent the weekend in Valencia and it quickly became one of my favorite Spanish cities. Close to the beach, it's got a bit of California vibe. The food and the people are really what tipped the scale. On Saturday night, we went to a little Italian restaurant. The pasta was fresh and our Italian waiter was full of life. For lunch on Sunday, I gorged myself on the best paella I've ever tasted. I wanted to get pictures of the paella in the kitchen and the cooks invited me in, telling me where to stand so I could get the best shots.

I walked up 207 steps for this shot.

Orange trees at the old fashioned version of the stock market

Everything fresh at Valencia's market!

Between the architecture and the dolphin show, I'd say this complex is pretty sweet.


Tried a traditional Valencian drink and loved it. Think really sweet nut milk.

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  1. That paella sounds AMAZING. Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Oh it was. I was so full afterwards. Thanks, Lindsey :)


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