Mirando: My month-iversary in Madrid

I'm a sucker for a good paradox, and that's what the beginning of this new month feels like. Madrid feels so comfortable and so new at the same time. Here are a few of the changes that have happened since January.

1. I'm okay being by myself.  This morning I went to a local thrift shop to pick up some new jeans. Yesterday I went shopping on my own. My focus is getting to know this new city, with or without other people.

2. I'm settling in. After I write this post, I'm headed to the dance center down the street to try and sign up for dance classes. There's a church I like to attend. I have volunteer opportunities that will start soon. It's feeling like home.

3. I'm not just about the big experiences. We did the vast majority of the touristy sightseeing this past month. Now, I'm happy to wander and do the everyday madrileƱo things. My goal is to discover different neighborhoods and feel their different vibes.

4. I don't mind staying in. It's really tempting to feel like I need to always be moving around and exploring. I'm abroad, after all. But honestly, I'm also here because I needed a break from college stress, so I want rest to be a part of my experience.

5. My Spanish is... worse. And better. I'm getting tired of speaking in Spanish already, but it's good for me.

So there you have it :)

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  1. I know those feelings - it's easy to get caught up in being far away, but that's exhausting after a while. Glad you're taking time to slow down and enjoy yourself!


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