Mirando: Staying in Shape while Abroad

I take any change as a chance to create new goals. When I arrived to Madrid, it seemed like a great opportunity to get healthier. I live with a homestay, which means I have very little control over what I eat. Getting in shape will be largely dependent on exercising. Here are a few tips I'm using this semester. Comment with tips of your own!

1. Sign up for something
I'm running  attempting to run a 10k in April. Having a specific event to train for is giving me an extra boost of motivation.

2. Make working out fun
I was a dancer for a good part of my life. There's still something in me that tells me that you don't stop dancing in the middle of a routine. It's fun and it's helping me with my endurance.

3. Youtube is your friend
Find some videos that you like and bookmark them. I'm planning on downloading a few for when I'm traveling and don't have access to Wi-Fi

4. Take the stairs
Chances are, you'll be taking the metro a lot. Instead of riding the escalator, walk it. With the number of stairs in the metro, you'll be getting work in without realizing it.

5. Find a portable exercise
I took up running because it's easy and free. It's just as easy to buy a yoga mat or to do CrossFit in the house. If you pick an exercise that you can do everywhere, with little need for equipment, you'll be less likely to make excuses.

This is the plan I'm using. It's really doable and leaves me feeling challenged and accomplished after every workout.

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  1. The gym at the university where I studied abroad was SO expensive, so I ended up doing a ton of yoga through DoYouYoga. They have a bunch of free videos are awesome!


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