Musings: Redemption in an art museum

The other night,  I talked with an Italian art history student at an intercambio. He taught me a little something about modern art, about how it's something that you appreciate but  can't attach value to. All you can do is state what it is and what you understand it to be. 

I'd like to be the type of person who gets art. I'd love to know the symbolism and give explanations of the meaning behind each stroke.  Instead, I find myself at the Reina Sofia, struggling to understand modern art, as if it's something that a person can master. 

It's my perennial struggle, manifested in a museum. I want control in the form of understanding. 

So, I plan to be back at the Reina Sofia. I'll stand in front of q modern sculpture. I'll struggle to appreciate it as it is, the parts that I comprehend and the parts that leave me wanting.

Redemption in an art museum.

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