High Five for Friday: Abroad Favorites

Being abroad is just like any other four months of your life in the sense that your tastes change. The Taylor who is writing this post is immensely different from the Taylor who imagined what life in Spain would be like over Christmas break.

I'm currently enjoying the beach in Nice for my spring break. I thought I'd leave you with some new favorites I've picked up over the past few months.

1. I've become obsessed with HIIT workouts. Short and intense, these workouts will leave you sore the next day while still leaving plenty of time for adventures during the day. This is my favorite.

2. I always listen to podcasts before I go to bed. My current favorite is Welcome to Night Vale. It's a radio show about a desert town that has some secrets. Think of it as the Sci-fi channel and The Office having a love child.

3. Instagram has become my social network of choice. I especially love the posts from Hey Sweet Pea. They encourage me as a person and as an entrepreneur.

4. I'm going to try eating clean this summer. Months of not being able to make my own meals has made me want to eat healthfully. I stumbled upon the women of Food Heaven Made Easy. All of the recipes and knowledge on their site is sure to make my transition easier.

5. Still working my way through the 100 Best Indie Songs of 2014 playlist by mykal. It's perfect background music when you're in the mood to get things done.

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