Mirando: Nice

In Spain, spring break coincides with Semana Santa (Holy Week). I met up with one of my dearest friends in Nice, France. We rented a little flat , ate copious amounts of store brand Nutella, and relaxed on the beach. I needed that time with someone who knows me so well. Over the course of the week, I journaled through Ashley Beaudin's 33 Questions to Ask Your Heart. It was a blessing to walk through those questions with my friend, and I can say that I got to know myself better over the course of that week.

Semana Santa included some great runs by the beach. (My 10k is on Sunday!) My friend and I talked through Tim Keller's The Meaning of Marriage. We watched movies. We read. We just were in a way that I can only do with certain people.

Some of the best shots from the week are on Instagram. Here's what I captured with my camera.

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