Mirando: A Bull Fight

I wavered on whether or not to see a bull fight. In fact, I crossed my name off the list, but somehow my program coordinator thought that the squiggles were a part of my signature... We had a professor teach us some of the history and (dare I say) artistry behind bullfighting. When I went, I had a much better understand of what was going on.

That didn't make the event any less gory. Highlights included: a bull completely knocking over a horse and its rider, blood pouring from a bull's mouth, and fans angrily commenting on the form of the bullfighter. All of that happened in the first half. We peaced out after seeing three bulls die.

I'm not going to make a moral judgement on bullfighting. It's a tradition that seems as strange to me as the fact that I shave my legs instead of waxing seems to my seƱora. Feel free to share your thoughts on the issue. Or just enjoy some photos from the day. I promise, they're only PG.

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