A Tale of Two Blogs

I broke the news a few weeks ago that I started a business, Jubilant. Ever since that post, I've been trying to figure out what to do about the blog situation. Do I merge Live and Move with the Jubilant blog? Do I stop Live and Move altogether? Do I send people from the Jubilant website to Live and Move?

The decision wasn't the easiest. But after doing a bit of research and asking advice from other entrepreneurs, I've settled on having two blogs. Live and Move will stay pretty much the same. If anything, it will become even more of a creative outlet. I'll share personal thoughts and tips and photography. Jubilant's blog will be chock full of business inspiration of the creative entrepreneur.

With two blogs, I can't guarantee that I'll be posting here every week. However, this space is here to stay. I hope you'll follow along at the Jubilant blog as well! I think Live and Move readers will be inspired by the Jubilant content.

I'm excited to have some separation between personal blogging and business blogging, though it may take a while for me to figure out a balance.

Thanks for always bearing with me!

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  1. That's awesome, I'm glad that you've decided to keep this blog :) I will definitely go check out Jubilant!

    xo, Dolce // http://www.mydailysweet.com/
    Leave me a comment; I'm always looking for new blogs to follow!

  2. I'm a little late to the game but congrats on Jubilant! And that's good you decided to keep this blog; sometimes you need to have more than one :]

    1. Thanks Kriselle! Your support means a lot to me :)


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