Au Naturel: An update

Last time I wrote about the oil cleansing method (OCM), I sang its praises. This post isn't a retraction. I am just more informed now.

Since my previous post, I've switched from using almond oil to cleanse my face twice a day to only using it at night. I made this decision for a few reasons:

First, I noticed that oil cleansing was really drying, especially in the winter. I may be open to trying it twice a day again in the summer.

Second, the OCM is perfect for removing makeup. By doing it at night, I'm dealing with my oily skin and taking off my makeup in one step.

Finally, I've observed that washing my face with almond oil at night helps to dry up some of my blemishes while I sleep.

I now use Soapbox Soaps ' bar soaps  to wash my face in the morning. Their soaps are all natural and feel great on my skin. (I'm currently using their black bar soap.) What most attracted me was their social mission. They have a one-for-one model that gives soap and clean water or vitamins to people around the world.


So that's the latest update on my natural beauty regimen. I'm starting to explore natural deodorants if you have any advice!

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  1. I've been using Jojoba oil to remove makeup and moisturize my face at night. I usually use soap in the mornings too so I may give your all-natural recommendation a try!


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