DIY: Fern Antlers

Any trip to visit my family includes admiration of my aunt's impeccable aesthetic. She's a great dresser (which is perfect because I get her hand-me-downs)! She also has a spot on eye for interiors. Although I have a while until I  have an apartment, I couldn't resist sharing this with all of you. If you've ever wondered how hanging antlers could fit your style, staghorn ferns could be the answer for you. It's a fresh (no pun intended) take on the lodge look. My aunt bought this plant already mounted from a nursery, but there's no reason you couldn't craft this look on your own. You'll need to pick up a staghorn fern, some type of board to mount it on, and some moss. The plant itself is easy to care for. You just wet the moss every few months. I hope someone tries it out and lets me know how it looks! Here are some great posts that go more in depth into the construction and care process:

Apartment Therapy

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  1. that is really neat! and so original :) love her unique style! i bet you've inherited a lot of awesome clothes from her.



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