DIY: Penchant for the Past

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Sometimes DIY projects just fall into your lap. That's what happened with this one. All of these slides ended up in the recyclables at my house after some garage cleaning. I rescued some of the more scenic ones. Each slide captures sights from Europe or beautiful landscapes. After punching two holes in each slide,  I took some button thread (stronger than normal thread) and sewed the slides onto the thread.  I decided to make two tiers but you could do so much more with these slides. I'd love to use them as a vertical backdrop for a soiree. I could even see them used to make an updated stained glass look. The way each one catches the light and tells a little story, it's inspirational. What variations on this project would you make?

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  1. This is such a cool project! My parents have some old slides from when they were my age that they wanted to throw away (and which I 'saved'). This would put them to great use!


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