The Things I Thrifted: California

When people ask me where I buy my clothes from, I generally reply I bought it from this thrift store/consignment shop, that so-and-so gave it to me, or that I got it on sale at x,y,z place. I like the thrill of thrifting. It's also good for the environment and avoids a lot of the exploitation of the clothing industry. Of course I couldn't go to California for two weeks without stopping by a few thrift stores! I found two brand new Target shorts, a brand new Target skirt, and a pair of Lucky brand jeans. The total between the four items was... $17.25! The jeans were by far my favorite find. I love the way Lucky jeans fit me. The best part was that they only cost me $6.25. What are your thrifting victories?

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  1. I just thrifted the exact same pair of Merona shorts that you have in the top right corner :)


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