May Flowers


This week was my only week of summer in that stereotypical, lay around and do nothing sense. Next week, the adventuring begins! The first thing we did when I got home last weekend was purge my room. When you go a year with out using and wearing certain things, you are suddenly a lot less attached to them. While purging, we found a little terra cotta pot that is perfect for the fresh basil my mom is growing. I decided to paint it for her since I have abundant amounts of free time this week. There it is right in the middle, a little piece of Vanderbilt pride at home. I might like to grow some other herbs this summer. Any suggestions? Also, speaking of Vanderbilt, I wrote a guest post on the Vanderbilt admissions blog today! If you've got a few extra minutes, I'd love if you could check it out. I'm off to enjoy my last bits of "summer." You do the same, friends.

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P.S. The giveaway goes until Sunday! Who doesn't want an adorable bow?


  1. I just read your guest post and its really amazing how we all get connected to places. Wish you all the best during summer! :)


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