Oil Dependent

No, this is not a political post about American dependence on oil. And no, that's not champagne in that darling miniature glass. It's almond oil. I have to put oil into my hair to keep it moisturized as an African American. Since being natural, I've been using natural oils. Almond oil is my current favorite. I work it into my hair in the mornings. I use any extra to moisturize my hands. I love using baby oil instead of lotion after showers. Although most natural oils can do just as good a job, if not better.  In short, I'm oil dependent. I think oils are a natural, economical, and slightly more luxurious feeling way to keep all of your body moisturized. You don't have to be black, natural, or even a woman to partake. What are your favorite oils and your favorite uses for them?

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  1. I'm totally oil dependent! I use a mixture of grapeseed oil and aloe vera for a facial moisturizer. I switch out between almond, shea, and grapseed for my body. I love to mix it up and spice up my body oil with a few drops of essential oil, too. Do you store yours in a pretty bottle? I find that totally pumps up the luxury! :D

    1. Allison, I haven't tried using a fancy bottle. That's an amazing idea! I'll be on the lookout for some cute, vintage bottles.


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