Rereading the Great Gatsby brought me back to my high school AP English class. I love this book because it's still relevant. People today have every material thing and still fail to find true happiness.  Daisy Buchanan is one of my favorite characters for that reason. She wishes her daughter would grow up to be, "A beautiful little fool." Her voice sounds like money. One minute she's carefree and the next minute she's bored to tears. In many ways, Daisy is the incarnation of American society. I wanted to use the Creative Suite to make something interesting and this quote stuck out to me. Daisy, whose identity is wrapped up in temporary material possessions, still has the depth of understanding to say, "You can't live forever." Her possessions won't last. She won't last. I've been contemplating what I want my life to look like and this verse stands out to me, "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but forfeit his very soul?" --Mark 8:36. I love Daisy Buchanan. She's got a depth that many people don't give her credit for. But I don't want to end up like her.

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P.S. A special thanks to my best friend and boyfriend for talking to me on the phone at the airport while I worked on this graphic and finding me the perfect font and tutorial to make the vision in my head into a reality. You're the best

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