Big Update: Live and Move is on the Move

From my last trip to Spain

Last night a little after midnight I decided to check my email, just to see if anything happened to pop up. Surprisingly, I had an email, one that I'd been waiting for quite a while for, one that said I am approved to spend next semester in Spain....! This blog is about to go international! I need your help. Tell where you loved visiting, where you wish you would have gone, your tips, your stories.!

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  1. How exciting! Congrats! It should be an amazing time!

  2. Hi Taylor! Congrats on your great news! I spent a semester in Ireland (five years ago) and traveling was so cheap. I visited Paris, London, Amsterdam, and... Barcelona! Barcelona was my favorite city by far. The people were so kind, the food was delicious, but my favorite was the architecture and the art. There is a lot to see and explore! I went in early December and the weather was perfect. Oh, and you can see La Sagrada Familia!

  3. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Thanks Kelsea :)

  5. Wow!! that is soo much cool! Like seriously!! So happy for you! :)


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