Musings: God is Funny Part Two

I never intended for this to be a two part series. Last week, I was down about waiting. Everything was just out of reach. I resolved to try to enjoy it. Not even two days after I wrote that post, the good news started to roll in. Some things I shared, like the fact that I'm studying abroad next semester. Other developments were great to hear but they still require me to wait a little bit longer. I guess I'm learning how to wait actively. In working towards the future, I'm enjoying all these sweet, present moments. It's nice. What does waiting look like for you?

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  1. Waiting for me seems never-ending. I have been waiting for something (a job and means of finally starting my career post graduate school) for almost a year and a half now. It does get frustrating and extremely boring at time, but through it all, I am reminded to be still and have faith that the Lord will come through. :-)


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