High Five for Friday: Anticipation

These week's word is anticipation. I wrote a post about waiting. Within a day of writing that post, things started happening! Here are things that got me through the week.

1. These pearl earrings from Peach Tree Designs. I'm giving away another pair of earrings from this darling shop this week. You can enter here.

2. My school doesn't have a business major, so I'm learning some things myself with Coursera. It's only my first week of class and I'm curious to know other people's experiences with it. Let me know!

3. Found this print on Pinterest and was thrilled. Garamond has been my font of choice lately and the humor of the print is spot on.

4. I found out that I get to study here for four months. Since yesterday, I bought my ticket. It's really official now!

5. I instagrammed this photo from an acoustic set the Head and the Heart played on Monday. I'm thankful for friends who tell me when these kinds of things are going on!

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  1. Looks like a great week, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Thanks for linking up today!



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