Musings: On Being Unworthy

As much as I'd like to be perfect, I have some glaring weaknesses, weaknesses that I know and recognize. Then came this assignment. A partner gives a survey about your leadership to friends and family, current and past coworkers. And they analyze the results for you. Let me tell you, seeing all those people see the bad you already see in yourself is rough. As a person who takes everything personally, I was a little very upset. I had a long back to my dorm to sort through my feelings. Here's what it came down to: I overvalue the opinions of others. I find my identity based on what is right or wrong about me based on my perception of others opinions. There are a million things wrong with that. My identity is in Christ and He says, "Taylor, you're unworthy but you're mine now." So I'm going to work on my weaknesses, not because I need to be better perceived, but because I know I'm loved unconditionally. Thanks, Jesus! (And thanks Emily Ley for that sweet reminder).

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