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The Shasha, my feet died and went to heaven
Happy feet.

I love conscious consumerism. I love the idea that the products I buy can be part of a beautiful, empowering story. And that is exactly why I fell hard for Oliberté Shoes, the makers of the world's first fair trade footwear. Their partners in Ethiopia hand craft amazingly comfortable leather shoes and also leather goods like wallets and bags. 

What drew me most to Oliberté was the story element of their website. Every page is full of stories and it drew me in. Of course, there is the story of Oliberté. But there is also Ambassadors, which features stories of people with a passion for Africa. And Mozaqa, acoustic sessions and written interviews with up and coming musicians. Then there is Sportanya, stories about African athletes. I left the website with the distinct feeling that Oliberté was more than a do-gooder organization, they were friends inviting me into a story with them.

With quality products and such an engaging strategy, I believe Oliberté  will blossom into something beautiful. Check out their website and get lost for a while. And while you're there, enjoy 10% off of your purchase with this code: OLIFW1310.

I'd love to hear your favorite items.

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  1. Ahhh. You're totally speaking my language. I clicked over from Milk and Crown and am loving what you have to say and share. I'm with you on the conscious consumerism thing and was super excited to read about these shoes when my brother sent me the link a few weeks ago. They're gorgeous!


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