Getting There: The Trust List

There are days where it feels like everything is standing still. There are all these open ended questions and I'm left to wait for the answers. Someone this year mentioned a Trust List where I write down all the things I'm waiting for God on. Instead of feeling motionless, I rejoice in seeing God begin to answer prayers. When one is answered, I write the date next to it. It's helped me in this season of waiting and I thought it might be helpful to you. What helps you trust?


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  1. So true Taylor! There are so many times when I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going...or why! All I keep saying to myself is that I am here for a reason and doing what I'm doing for a reason and I have faith that I will get to where I need to be!

  2. I must try this( the trust list) and see how it all turns out!
    I think it will make waiting worth bearing!


Thanks for making my day a little brighter with your lovely words!