DIY: Styling Your Dorm Room

This is my third year in college and moving in this time was the easiest by far. I'm especially proud of this bookcase. It's also a perfect way to highlight a few tips for dorm room decoration.

1. Pick a color scheme. I chose lime green, teal, and pink. I have plenty of other colors within the shelf but these colors are woven throughout.

2. Frame it out. These days, it's easy to find plenty of great prints (or make your own!) These frames  provide consistency and pops of color.

3. Tape it up. Washi tape is a cheap and easy way to incorporate color into any space. ( More on that later!)

4. Inspire yourself. I bring books to school that can inspire me when I actually have time to read for pleasure. Most of my frames have inspirational quotes in them as well. My theme verse for this year adds even more color to the plain wall.

How do you dress up your dorm?

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  1. Thanks for the tips.It is fun to decorate a room! I love the wall and the frames!


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