Things That Were Different About South Africa

One of my Instagram pictures on the road in Tzaneen

Hi friends,
It's been so long since I last wrote. I know you're all wondering how South Africa was. It was amazing, convicting, inspiring, and thought-provoking. I pray that I carry it with me always. Remember how before I left, I wrote a post about what I thought would be weird about South Africa? Well, here's what I noticed was different throughout my trip. This is just the first of what I hope will be many posts about my trip and what God did in me!

1. People thought I was South African until I spoke. I know that I'm African American but it was strange to really see how similar I was in looks.

2. It was winter in South Africa. It wasn't very cold outside but it was freezing inside. Central heating isn't really popular there, so I had to get used to bundling up even inside.

3. The country was much more aware of energy use. From what I understand, there isn't enough power for the whole country. Every outlet had on and off switches. People hung their clothes on lines. Even though America has enough power, I think it would be great if we incorporated these practices.

4. South Africa is culturally rich. With eleven official languages, things can get difficult. I loved talking to people and finding out their perspectives on South African issues.

5. America is a big deal, especially to kids there. I found myself bombarded with questions at the schools I went to. One of my favorites was, "We want to know if you sound like Barack Obama, say "Yes we can"". I felt a little sad that my country of origin made me someone worth looking up to. I'm still processing that part of it.

Feel free to ask questions and suggest posts you'd like me to write about on the topic of my trip!

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  1. I adore how much they love America. One of the things I love about SA is the cultural diversity. Most countries in Africa have such diversity and it'd be great to visit someday. Looking forward to reading more about your journey.

  2. Exciting! Any interesting adventures you had, culture shock, and what about the food? You should do a post about SA dishes that are unique to the region and if you had any of them and what you thought...


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