Etsy Roundup: South Africa

Everyone loves to browse Etsy. I thought, "Why not look for some South African goods?" There are some great finds! I may have to pick up a few when I return.

A vintage South African Tourism print- $8 from Printed Yesterday

Set of  8 Johannesburg Skyline Notecards- $18.50 from Architette Studios

I absolutely love this quote and this print- $5 from Art From South Africa

Joburg Customizable Skyline Print- $20 from Pine Shore

Which is your favorite?

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  1. Beautiful. It's so easy to browse around etsy sometimes and forget how things are coming from all over the world on there! :)

  2. omg, love! the first one is my fave for sure!

    Helene in Between

  3. I absolutely love this! Just went to South Africa this past January, and I was looking for a way to keep it with me. Thanks for such a neat post! :)


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