Getaway: Anatomy of a Getaway with Erika

Today you get to meet my friend Erika from Visible Musings!

Gather your belongings, friend. You are going on an adventure! It will be your first and most definitely not your last. If you are anything like me, you will find this getaway particularly fascinating. I have often been told that it is not the destination that matters so much as the journey. So it is the journey you will enjoy.

There is much to be done in preparation for a trip. Compressing your daily life into the confines of a 22” x 14” x 9” space can be quite the task. Whatever the (suit)case may be, I have learned from trial and error that less is more. All the potential frustrations could be greatly prevented by that three letter tip. Choose to laugh rather than cry as you sit on your luggage, attempting to make it all fit. It will be worth it. Then with all necessary items by your side and goodbyes in tow, you will head off for the airport.

Arriving in a place of central and extreme busyness is an eye opening experience for anyone. Just take a moment to imagine all the corners of the world these travelers have congregated from. Whether coming or going, each person you see bears a specific story. Yes, even the pubescent teen working at the pretzel shop, the daunting TSA agent, or the soft spoken woman who helped you locate your gate. And now, you too, are a part of this ever expanding, ever growing, and ever progressing travelling life.

I have found the whole process in flying alone to be absolutely intriguing. I hope you do, too. When traveling solo, there are many activities one can engage in, with my personal favorites including: smiling at strangers, creating imaginary scenarios about the passerby's, waltzing through gift shops, Instagraming wildly on the plane, and playing dress up in the tourist areas. 

Once on the plane with seatbelt fastened, all safety procedures explained, and little crackers handed out, you will have plenty of time to yourself. You may peer out the window and find that you are flying above layers of cotton. Or, depending on the location and the birds eye view you have, you will most likely be reminded that your life is all part of a much grander story. 

As your flight draws to its close, excitement will rise inside of you. The plane lands, but your heart continues to soar. This is only the first portion to your getaway and it has already shown you great pieces of the world, people’s hearts, and the longing many of us have to travel the unknown. 

You step off the plane, tugging your little carry on suitcase behind you. You remember the girl with the pretzels during your layover and smile. With the world before you, you are now determined to take on new places and new faces like never before. I wish you the best and safest of travels, friend!  

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  1. Kristyn @ Milk + CrownAugust 1, 2013 at 3:21 PM

    This is such a cute little post! I agree Erika, less is definitely more when traveling--when I visited Germany a few summers ago, I packed wayyyy too much and instantly regretted it for a lot of reasons--one being I bought too much in Germany to fit in my suitcase on my way home ;) Traveling alone is such a rewarding and fun experience!


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