Do you need your makeup?

Confession time: I wasn't allowed to wear makeup on a daily basis until my sophomore year of high school. Before then, I was allowed to wear makeup only once a week. I hated that rule. High schoolers are generally not the most confident bunch and I thought I needed makeup to be pretty. I remember one of my friends saying that she wore makeup but she never wanted to get to the point where she needed it to feel beautiful. Unwittingly, my makeup wearing journey became a process of not letting my makeup define me. When I first started wearing makeup, I wore a lot. Oh dear. Finally, during my senior year, I took a week off from wearing makeup to school just to be sure that I could. Once I got to college, makeup seemed really unnecessary. My boyfriend and I are long distance. I didn't have anyone to impress. (Truth be told, he can't tell the difference between my natural face and me with makeup.)   I'm blessed to have great skin and I feel no need to cover it up. If I do wear makeup, it takes about two minutes. Face powder. Blush. Mascara. A swipe of shadow. I do just enough to give myself a little glow. On special occasions, I'll get really dolled up. I enjoy taking 30 minutes to do my makeup before a formal. It's fun because it doesn't make or break my beauty. It's a treat. I'm not trying to knock anyone for wearing makeup daily. What works for me may not work for you. All I want is for you to ask yourself, "Do I need my makeup?"

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes! Rarely do I wear makeup, I mean rarely. If I do the only thing I put on is mascara and chapstick. Heck, mascara is the only makeup I own. I used to wear makeup regularly, though very lightly, until one day I tried to go a month without it. I became more confident and felt more empowered without the makeup. Thanks for this post - it's another one of those "yes I'm not alone" moments.

  2. I love that you agree! Once you let go of dependence, going make up free is so empowering. Those 'I'm not alone' moments are the best!


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