Pick a Pair: Warby Parker

Remember when I said I ordered glasses from Warby Parker? Well, one of the things that makes them awesome is that they let you choose five pairs to try on at home. I have five days to pick a new pair and I'd love for you guys to help me pick. I've posted my glasses that I already own so y'all know what's in my glasses wardrobe. Comment with your favorite!

There a ton of reasons why I love Warby Parker. They're not even paying me to say this! They're really affordable. Like $95 for a pair of glasses affordable. They have cool programs like the at-home try on. And the best part is that they give a pair of glasses to a person in need with every purchase. How amazing is that? And with that, let the deciding begin!

Share the love (and your opinions!),



  1. They all look great! My favourite are the Watts I believe...

  2. The Clyde!!! Or the Mallory (2nd choice). The square shape of both looks great on you, and I love the subtle tint of the Clyde. I'm a sucker for the Mallory's tortoise rims, though--they just look so hipster/artsy/bookish haha!

  3. so much fun! my favourite (though they're all fab) would have to be the watts

  4. Love the Clyde...and maybe the Sloan too...You have a pretty face...accentuated by the lovely specks!

    Popping over from the EBT...

  5. I like either Clyde or Watts! You so pretty :)

  6. Oo i love the mallory - but maybe that is just because I am a sucker for tortoise shell!

  7. Clyde or Huxley. :)


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