Exceedingly Good

Oh my. The last time I wrote, I was on the upswing from strep. (I feel so much better. Thanks for the well wishes!) On Saturday, I started to get sad. It's that weird college summer where most people don't come home anymore.  I felt lonely. I felt sad. I questioned my ability to maintain friendships. Then out of the blue, one of my best friends from school texts me. She encouraged me the way only she can. We scheduled a Skype date. Then another friend from school sends me a text and asks to Skype. Isn't it funny how God delights in us? He lavishes us with love. I went to church yesterday. Normally, I go home straight afterwards. This time,  a friend who I hadn't seen since last summer was there. She's one of those people where you just pick up where you leave off. We're hanging out soon. Just as I started to slip into loneliness, Jesus showed me I wasn't alone in the most tangible ways. I like to plan ahead. I fully intended to post about something different today. But honestly, I am feeling unbelievably encouraged because the Lord has been exceedingly good to me when I most needed it. I hope my friends who are believers read this and it increases their joy. If this Jesus thing sounds weird to you or you have any questions, shoot me an email. Happy Monday, all!

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  1. i love that. how He comes and provides in every need.

  2. Thanks Taylor, this is really the right post at the right time! I'm at this weird in between stage starting college - you don't really see your old friends anymore, but also you haven't really connected to the people in college yet. Not living at home this means lots of lonely time...so good to always remember that there is someone to catch you!

    1. I'm glad my post could encourage you! I know exactly where you're at and I'll definitely keep you in my prayers.


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