Friday Favorites

1. I saw one of the prettiest skies of the summer during one of the craziest storms I've ever witnessed. The light and the clouds was simply glorious.

2. I'm rereading this book for a book study this summer. It's one of my favorites. If you want to be inspired to live a life that has lasting significance, this is your book. It's funny and challenging and inspiring all at the same time.

3. I got to discover a new hiking trail with sights like this with one of my best friends. The juxtaposition between the highway we walked under and these stunning views was astounding.

4. I read this quote the other day and loved it. I always thought I had to wait until after college to start really making my dreams happen but this week I went ahead and took the plunge. Get excited for some big news in the future.

5. I'm not a huge pop music fan but I can't help singing along to this song whenever I hear it in the car.

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